Friday, September 14, 2007

Today's Gripe

Normally, I don't get into the whole political argument, but after Bush made his little speech last night, and the Democratic response afterward, I have to say I am just pissed.

Who was our President trying to impress? Did he honestly think he could get the Dems in Congress to change their minds about our men and women serving overseas? Or is this just another case of CYA?

Our men and women who serve in the military deserve better than they are getting, both from Congress, and the population of the US. These people took an oath to Protect and Defend the United States, from ALL threats. I am sure they would all rather be at home with their families, sitting the their back yards drinking beer before the game, going to their children's ballet recitals, or even just mowing the yard. Instead, they are getting shot at by the people they are trying to protect because some crazy fanatic clergy don't like the fact that we can buy an I-pod if we want one.

Sure we can bring all of our military back to the US. Sure we can leave the Iraqis to stand or fall by their own will. And we can absolutely cut our military budget to the point where we do not even have enough service men and women to fill a thimble. But none of those things will keep another 9/11 from happening.

General Petraeus was asked by a Congressional panel if what we were doing in Iraq was making the US safer. He gave the only answer he could give. He didn't know. Even generals in the US military don't have the luxury of opinions like that. They follow orders. If you are given an order, you make your plans to execute those orders to the best of your ability. You don't question WHY you are given the orders, or if people will like or agree with the orders. You just do it the best way you know how.

The Democrats are trying to make the military look like a bunch of Republican stooges to further their own agendas. And that is just wrong, no matter how you look at it. Those people in US uniforms are doing their very best under the worst conditions for little pay or gratitude just so flaming liberals in Congress can beat their own drums and call President Bush a warmonger.

Why don't we just gather up all of the liberals, fit them with designer organic, eco-friendly BDUs and send them to Baghdad to reason with the Islamists. And then we can see just how safe it will make the US.

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