Saturday, November 24, 2007

I really hate holidays

I am thankful .......that Thanksgiving is finally over. It is such a nightmare to drive for 3 hours to get to my mother-in-law's house only to be asked to make part of the dinner. Not that I mind cooking. I actually like cooking and I don't mind helping, but not at 10:30pm. After a 3 hour drive.

Then we have the logistics. His mom's, my dad's, my mom's, his brother's. And everyone wants us to spend the entire weekend with them. So no one is happy. Ever.

We try to get everything worked out before leaving the house. What day we are going to be where and at what time. What night we are going to spend with whom. Who we don't tell that we will be in town because we just don't have time to see them.

Then we have the meals themselves. Did the Mother-in-law actually get the turkey done this year or will it still be bloody like it was last year? Was the pan of dressing the same one we had leftover from last year thawed out and rebaked or is it fresh? Is my step-father going to be so drunk again that he starts making inappropriate remarks at the dinner table? Just how many people are going to show up for dinner at Dad's and does anyone actually know who they are?

And the big question...Just how many turkey and dressing meals can you eat before you pass out? The answer to that is 2. At least 2 in the same day. After that the gag reflex kicks in and even the thought of turkey is enough to make you want to run screaming.

My dad said that maybe for Christmas, we will just have pizza.

Sounds good to me.

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