Friday, May 2, 2008

Toadally fun weekend

We had friends down this weekend and we had a great time. This last weekend was our hometown festival "Toad Suck Daze" with street vendors, live music, and all of the roasted corn and "Gator on a stick" you care to purchase.

Us women bought a couple of 1/2 flats of strawberries from the back of a truck up on the highway and made jam before we left for the festivities. 14 jars of some of the best freezer jam you will ever put in your mouth out of $14 of berries. You just can't buy that kind of good in any store. Especially for a dollar a jar.

My husband kept the men occupied with genealogy. One of the men now has his pedigree back to William of Normandy(a couple of different ways actually) and the first king of Sweden. He spent the rest of the weekend trying to get us to bow to his royal highness.

The other family is stuck in North Carolina. He had participated in a genetic testing study to link families thru DNA. He found out that he was indeed related to George and Rachel, but William wasn't George's Daddy. Now he is stuck again. He was kind of green about the royalty in the house, but it was a good time.

My daughter didn't get to be here this weekend because of an orchestra trip to Dallas. She left early Friday morning and didn't get back until about 3pm Sunday afternoon. Everyone was still here so she at least got to visit for an hour or so before everyone left. She was sad that she missed Toad Suck Daze and the ShawBlades concert Saturday night, but she had a good time in Dallas too.

Feeding 13 people is always interesting. Stew and biscuits Friday night, waffles and bacon Saturday morning, ham(that I smoked on Friday afternoon) sandwiches for lunch, grilled burgers for dinner before the concert. Sunday I made a big breakfast of bacon( 2 lbs), sausage(1 lb), and ham(about a pound), scrambled eggs(19), toast(26), fried potatoes(3-4 pounds), gravy( almost a 1/2 gallon), and the rest of the biscuits from Friday night and jam(of course). We didn't really eat lunch since we had breakfast at noon but I fried chicken and made some frozen veggies for dinner.

The last of the guests were gone by 7:30 pm and the rest was just down time for us.

All in all, a very enjoyable weekend.

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