Saturday, August 25, 2007

Why do we...

Why do we spend thousands of dollars a year on food that we don't even enjoy and that is bad for us?

I have a family of 4, two of which are teens. Last night, I took a whole chicken, removed the breasts, cut them into chunks, skewered them and roasted it. Then I boiled the rest of it with some left over celery and carrots from a veggie tray we had earlier in the week and when it was done I stuck it, pot and all, in the fridge. Tonight I took it out of the fridge and removed the now solidified fat, de-boned the chicken and removed the veggies and made dumplins. Main dish for 2 meals for 4 people for less than $5. And we had leftovers.

A couple of nights ago, I roasted a pork loin that I had gotten on sale for $2.99 a pound. So I got a big one. Needless to say, I had left overs there too. I sliced it all and put the left overs in the fridge. The next night, I took about half of what was left and chopped it up. The rest I put in the freezer. With the chopped pork, I added BBQ sauce and a little bit of water and we had BBQ sandwiches. That is what I will do with the pork in the freezer too. 3 meals for 4 that cost me about $8.

I find that when I try to actually plan meals or make a grocery list, I wind up spending a fortune. My husband has gotten really, really good with the coupons. And a national chain grocery store here ( that doubles coupons) will have clearance prices on some of the more expensive luxury items that we normally wouldn't buy. With the coupons we have gotten some of these things for free. So now for meals, I just kind of wing it. It is cheaper that way.

I really do try to stay away from premade convenience foods. Not only do they have a lot of salt and fat, I can generally make the same thing for a lot less. But then again, I cook. Alot. My kids even like my cooking. My husband says that I don't make Dumplins right, but he has always eaten them anyway, so they can't be that bad.

I am as guilty as the rest of us about craving chips and Little Debbies. But I try not to go over board. I get them only when they are on sale. I generally don't get to eat any of them because of the human vacuum I call my son. He has been known to inhale a bag of chips, 3 or 4 Little Debbies, then ask me when dinner will be ready because he is hungry. Go figure.

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