Thursday, April 3, 2008

Babies cost a fortune?

Living is a never ending cycle of things you think you have to buy. The problem is that we really don't NEED these things as much as we WANT them. Advertisers have convinced us that we cannot have a baby without a crib, changing table, diaper genie, baby monitor, stacks of disposable diapers, formula, bibs, special spoons and bottles, assorted baby medicines for teething, diaper rash, gas, special pacifiers that won't twist their teeth, teething rings, etc ad nauseum.

My kids got by without a lot of these thing simply because we didn't have the money to buy them. We didn't have a changing table, I changed diapers on the couch or the floor with a towel under them. A diaper genie was a waste of time so I had a diaper pail with a lid. Same thing but very low tech. No baby monitor either, we just left the door open a little so we could hear her if she woke up. I wanted to breast feed, but due to medical considerations at the time with my daughter, it wasn't possible so we did have the formula to deal with. I did breast feed my son at least until I went back to work. Then he was on formula too. No special spoons or pacifiers or bottle nipples, or any of that sort of thing. Their clothes were washed with the rest of the laundry in the same detergent. I didn't go for all of the special creams and salves designed for smearing over the diaper area. I used ointment only when there was a rash, and that wasn't very often. I think I only bought 1 package of Pullups. It is amazing how fast you can potty train a child when they wear the thick undies and plastic pants. I think I got them house broken in about two weeks, before their 3rd birthday.

All of the things you think you need are designed to separate you from your money. Literally Millions of babies survived without them in the past so we did too. And you know what? My children suffered no ill effects from the experience. Wow! Raising children the old fashioned way won't cause them to be abnormal, or less happy than if I buy the latest and greatest gadget for them.

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