Saturday, January 12, 2008

Outside the box

While trying to come up with ways to survive the coming lack of income, we have been trying to think out side the box. There has to be a way to make enough money to survive without selling your soul to do it.

Since I can't work for health reasons, that leaves my husband in a really tight spot. He is really feeling the pressure of having to support 4 people without a job. Stressful to say the very least. My kids, bless their thumpin' gizzards, are trying to be supportive of anything that will enable us to stay here. They are willing to eat pasta and beans forever if need be. My daughter wants to get a job so that she can make the house payment for us if we can't afford to.

Right now, we are investigating different ways to make a little bit of cash that doesn't involve selling insurance door to door or moving to Boston or California. Don't get me wrong, I am sure there are good things about those places, buried somewhere in the tax laws and history books, but I am a Southern Girl, born and bred. All of the family is here, and our cultural history is still strong in our family. Not to mention I don't want to walk into a restaurant and have another waitress look at our feet to see if we were wearing shoes after asking where we were from.

We have had a good run on the job front. 17 years working for the same company is almost unheard of these days. We have survived 6 lay offs, a couple of hostile takeover bids (failed) and my loss of ability to work. We have managed to pay off every single credit card we had (6 of the danged things), pay off the truck early, and still be able to eat well. We are probably in the best financial shape we have ever been in, at least until the ax falls sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Now we are looking into the possibility of delivering newspapers, setting up a website to showcase our state ( and sell related merchandise) and selling stuff on Ebay. Anything to make a few bucks. Hopefully, we will be able to make enough to stay put for a while for the sake of the kids.

I still want a place out in the woods. If we have to sell, that is where we are headed. But for the next few months, we will be looking for work "outside the box".

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