Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Well, that tears it...

Well, we have found out today that my husband will likely be out of work no later than January 28. The kids are devastated, naturally. At least we have been working toward a more self sufficient lifestyle lately. We only have the house payment and the utilities to deal with. Oh, and the medical bills. Always the medical bills.

Now we get to see what an out of work C++ programmer can do to support our family of 4. Since I can't work any more, he is our sole support. It is a good thing that I have learned to make due with less. I can now feed our family for about $6-8 a day, provided we don't get too sick of beans and pasta.

We will have to seriously cut back on the meat that we eat and we will be a lot more careful in our grocery purchases. Fortunately I can cook and know how to use herbs and seasonings to highlight a bland meal. Maybe this will give a chance to eat healthier, you know, make our calories work better for us. At least we will not be buying sodas again for a while.

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