Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sad state of affairs

With the price of food steadily going up, it really makes me wonder if I am doing enough to protect my family. We will all be paying more for lower quality food and suffering for it in the long run.

I drove 20 miles to go to a farmer's market on Saturday and was disappointed in the offerings. Just about all there was to chose from was salad greens and garlic. I already have green beans and the green peas are done for the season. I did break down and plant a few pepper plants and some tomatoes but it will be a long while before those are ready to pick.

There just isn't anything available in the quantities I want. I am looking to buy by the bushel not by the piece and that just isn't happening around here. I am hopeful that in the next couple of weeks there will be more roadside stands and farmer's markets pop up. I really don't think that I can afford to rely on the grocery stores for our food by winter.

One on my friends and I will be buying a pig and splitting it this fall, but it is a long time until October. Hopefully, we can find someone who is growing enough different vegetables to sell and they will sell them at a decent price.


Mike said...

You must have gone to the farmers market at the Faulkner County Fair Grounds.

We went there Tuesday morning and there were cucumbers, cabbage, green beans and not much else. Only about 6 vendors and the prices are no lower than in the stores. Maybe it's still early in the season, but we were disappointed.

I hope the farmers figure out that we go to the farmers market to save money as well as get the freshest produce available. With transportation costs so high these days the farmers should be able to sell for lower prices since the produce is not trucked from California or Florida. And some of us want to buy in large quantities in order to can.

If you find such a market, please post the information. I just found your blog today and will check back often. Thanks!

novalunae said...

We actually went to the one in Perryville. I am sure it will be better as the season progresses but when we went, it was pitiful.

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