Saturday, June 28, 2008

Home hair cuts

Well, I just cut my husband's hair for the first time. and he is actually pleased with it. I really didn't do too much to it, really just a trim, but he has decided that I should be the one to cut his hair from now on.

We did pay $12 for some clippers that we didn't use, but the package had a comb and some scissors with it that I did use. So we actually paid for the haircut by buying the clippers but we will not have that expense next time. So that is at least another $12 a month we will be saving.

As for the rest of us, both my daughter and I have long hair(mine is down to my knees) so all we need is a trim to my bangs and a trim on the bottom of hers. My son is letting his grow out too, much to his grandmother's despair. So the only haircut that happens on a regular basis is my husband's. And since he is satisfied with my efforts, it looks like I will be doing his from now on. Scary.

But 12 bucks is still 12 bucks. I am glad that he is pleased with it. I used to cut my Dad's hair, when he still had some, way back when, but I haven't done that really in close to 20 years. I cut the kid's hair when they were babies, but again, that too has been a good long while. To say that I am out of practice is a major understatement. I guess that with a little more practice, it will come back to me. I might even get good at it. Who knows.

But it nice to know that when push comes to shove, I can do it.

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