Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Build your own home

I recently read an article about building a house without a mortgage. The family did most of the work, lived on site, and paid for supplies in bits and pieces, as they could. It actually was a very nice looking house.

That would probably be the best way to go on building a house for ourselves. That way we can get exactly what we want, without having to make due with what ever we can find. It would also allow us to use salvaged materials like windows and doors to save money. If I want a big laundry room, all I have to do is build it that way. We can dig a basement/ root cellar and build the house on top of it without having to worry too much about hitting a water pipe or a gas line.

Granted, that would also mean that we would have to do the work. I am convinced that we CAN do if we set our minds to it. We would probably have to hire out the plumbing and electric though. I really don't want to compromise on the safety on that sort of thing. Could we do it? Sure. Do we want to run the risk of burning down the house or having the plumbing back up into the kitchen? Nope. So that will be an expense we would have to deal with.

I really like the idea of building it ourself. Not only could we spend more money on the land, it would give us some quality family time together. And the kids might accidentally learn something useful.

Here is the link to the article I read.

I guess this will just have to be something to think about.

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Kodi said...

My husband and I are starting this process right now! I work at a school with first graders, and I was so suprised to see how they actually think things just appear and that "work" is a thing of the past. In this day and age, if you want something, it should be yours, and it should be yours now. If it's 1 am and you want a new pair of jeans, If you run out of milk, no matter when, Wal-Mart is open 24/7. Everything is instant gratification. Well, my husband and I decided this could be an important lesson to teach ourselves and our one year old son that sometimes hard work is actually the answer. We opted out of an expensive construction mortgage and decided to build the old fasioned way. So far, we've been able to get our blueprints done for free from the local trade school and the exterior materials we are getting as a donation from the "left over pile" from my husband's stucco job. Plus, the land we are building on is literally right next door to my parents, so we don't really have to rough it in the mean time. I say do it if it's possible. It feels great to know that I'm 23 years old and I will never make a mortgage payment in my life.

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