Monday, June 16, 2008

What is wrong with some people?

There are times when I wonder just exactly what is wrong with the world and how we could let it get this way. What ever happened to helping your neighbor and giving to those less fortunate just to be giving instead of using it as a tax break?

It seems to me that the only people who care about anything anymore (except making money) are the youth. They haven't yet had the chance to get their ideals smashed against the brick walls of bureaucracy and apathy. There just doesn't seem to be anyone in a position to do anything useful that is also willing to do the right thing.

Granted, there are lots of causes out there to support, but how many people actually do anything besides write a check? I am talking about more than monetary support. I am talking about getting out there and getting your hands dirty to help someone who needs it. How many older people are there out there who need their house painted, or roof patched, or even a ride to the doctor or drug store? How many children are left at home alone because Daddy left a long time ago and Momma works two jobs just to pay the rent? How many people simply don't have enough food to eat?

And I am not even talking about Third World Countries. I mean in the good ole US of A. Yes, these folks can get public assistance. Yes, there are government agencies to coordinate aid for the elderly and unfortunate. And yes, some of the folks who get aid don't actually deserve it, but no system is perfect.

What I guess I am saying is that we all have a responsibility to help others. If you have an elderly person living near you who is unable to do minor home repairs or drive themselves to town, why do you not offer to help? Is it pride? Are you too busy? Or do you just not care?

It doesn't cost anything to be nice. Why not offer to take the widow lady next door to church with you? Or to the grocery store? Or at least ask her if she needs anything. If she doesn't have any family and lives alone, what would happen if she fell? Would you just leave her there?

If everyone took 5 or 10 minutes a day, a couple of times a week, just to be nice to someone, think of how much better a place the world would be. Smile at a stranger. You never know, that could be the first good thing they had happen all day.

I used to make a point at waving at all mail carriers and delivery people whenever I saw them. They have a thankless job and being nice made me feel good too.

Just do something, anything, to help others. Smile at a stranger, fix a window, offer to paint a wall, read a book to a child, just do something. We are not here on the Earth to make money and waste our lives. Find something you believe in and DO SOMETHING!

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